Apr 14, 2008

Modulok (Red Ants)

  • ceej

    Dope. Crazy video! Is the anchorman Jon B?


    Jon B!! You a foo for that one!!

    illest shit I’ve seen on this site


    so fucking dope man, I gotta post twice…

  • max prime

    this is awesome, extra word up jon b

  • plusthemic

    damn jon you could have been an extra in that apollo 13 movie with those chops.

  • http://www.handsolorecords.com DoogieHowitzer


    Great concept for doing an interview, Jon…

    And a great person to interview. Modulok needs more exposure!

  • http://www.busshaak.com Hurtbag

    hahahah, that was top choice for sure.

  • http://iraleeiswack.com ira lee

    hahah! AWESome!!!!!!

  • dorc

    Holy crap this is amazing!

  • Countturrack

    ill video/interview. mad creative…

  • thepuppet

    word modulok – jon-b holy shit – wicked video footage! howd you get mod alone? hes always got some bodyguards, pr or some shit crowdin him…props on that

  • jayoh fellonious

    Modulok is the homie, I just bribed him with rum. Thanks for the love errbody. I wasn’t sure how this was going to pan out, but the response is great!

  • http://www.sonicbids.com/noah23 Noah23

    hipster douchebags

    buy that Red Ants shit digital or otherwise you hipster douchebags

  • http://www.dangerously.ca Jesse D

    that’s fantastic.

  • Pearl

    HA! Well done.

    Jon B., you’re a racialist.

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  • justinoakey

    this thing is spread out alllll over the internet.

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