Feb 18, 2009

Dirty Digital – Shockah EP


Dirty Digital

Dirty Digital are Qwazaar of Typical Cats & Silence of outerLimitz. Shockah is a new 10 track free EP courtesy of LeftHouseRecordings.com

01. Swimming
02. Bigguns
03. Run On The Sun
04. Shockah w/ Dude-N-Nem
05. Sodapopinski w/ GLC
06. Turn Me Up
07. Grinding w/ Jaime Clemmons of Royce
08. Tila
09. Turn Me Up Remix By ScottFree
10. Yours Truly

Download the Dirty Digital – Shockah EP here


  • Balzac


  • http://www.myspace.com/royaltreatment Royal-T

    no doubt, qwaazar is ill. i’m a huge typical cats fan.

  • http://www.busshaak.com Hurtbag

    Co-Sign that – Typical Cats is the shit. Walk Thru Walls is amazing. Hope this doesn’t go the way of some of the new Qwel material.

  • SonnyCookout

    Never expected to hear Quaazar on this kind of vibe. But I’m digging it. Typical Cats rule!!

  • Ceej

    This album is good.

  • Balzac

    pretty disappointed in this. not gonna lie

  • Max Prime

    its decent. qwaazar raps his ass off. but it’d difficult for my brain to get into electro beats.

  • http://iraleeiswack.com iralee

    dope but the beats are dumb.

  • metawon

    yes one more for the “I like typical cats but this I wasn’t feeling” side.

  • SonnyCookout

    Definitely not a huge fan of the beats. But I like how he freaks them.

  • http://www.lefthouserecordings.com silnce

    thanks for the comments
    i know this is on some other shit
    but thats what we wanted
    cant make the same sounding music every rip
    so i know if you were expecting tc then prob disapointed
    but if you keep an open mind smoke an l and listen this shit will take you elsewhere.
    thanks again

  • http://www.lefthouserecordings.com silnce

    dope site as well

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