May 12, 2009

The Returners (2Mex, Die Young, Deeskee & Stacey Dee) – Break Up Your Make Up



  1. is that the same artist that did the splitsville split ep for moves/martinez/awol?

    looks very similar in style?

    • Yeah same guy, ghostshrimp, all his stuff kinda looks the same to me.

      This album sounds sick though, i’ll be grabbing it tomorrow!

  2. Chaps

    Yeah Ghostshrimp on teh cover tip! Chapter he also did teh Cam Gram and Gam cover. I am really excited or this release!

  3. yeh, i did some research and found his website, the cgg cover looks dope!

    same with the sleep one he did!

  4. yeah Ghostshrmp is dope!
    i’m stoked to grab this….die young and 2mex are 2 of the best in my opinion…!

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