Loop Minded Individuals (ESH The Monolith & Intrikit) – “War Drum” (Feat. Moe Pope, Roc Doogie, & Elucid)

First single from Loop Minded Individuals upcoming album, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Verse — out April 22nd via I had ...

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Aoi – IXHA-94 LP

New instrumental LP by Aoi.

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Mestizo – “Sad Face”

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Sole & Dj Pain 1 – “Decuperation”

A track from the bonus EP that accompanies their Death Drive album pre-orders.

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Roughneck Jihad – “Leon-ish”

Produced by Waxsmith.

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Mestizo feat. Doseone – “Turning Tables”

Certified banger.

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