Third Verse: Episode 13 – The Dirty Sample (+ Free EP)

Podcast Interview with The Dirty Sample plus download his new EP featuring Kaboom, Tachichi, Chaka Boy, Fatt Matt, Planit, Hash Mills, and Lesk One.

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Scoom Caviezel – Temple of Scoom

New album from Calgary's Scoom Caviezel, produced by Loophole and featuring Cam the Wiz, Apeface, Rubix and MC Tron.

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Mindz of a Different Kind – Borderlinez

New EP from Austin TX's MDK out now as a name-your-price download.

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Ten-Headed Skeleton – “There’s Always Someone Getting Burned Alive”

Ten-Headed Skeleton – “There’s Always Someone Getting Burned Alive”

New video off Ten-Headed Skeleton's (fka Michael Nhat) Extinction Of The Horse LP, out now.

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Skizza – WaveyBoy

New free album from Saskatoon based Skizza featuring guest spots from Nolto, Ovaflow, Bex and more.

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DJ Brace - China EP

DJ Brace – China EP

New EP from DJ Brace, the product of his time on tour in China.

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shotgun howling by babelfishh & james p honey

Babelfishh & James P Honey – Shotgun Howling

In the age of internet collaborations it’s shockingly refreshing to hear such a raw and intimately crafted project from a duo. ...

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Willing + AO – Closed Set

Splendid new 8 song EP from Austin TX’s Willing, produced by Aaron Oberlin. Stream two songs or download (name your price) the full 8 tracks.

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FREE EP: Chisme – Nada Tengo

The third Fake Four Freecember EP of the year is from San Antonio duo Chisme. Download Nada Tengo for free or donation or purchase the limited edition cassette.

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Tré & Cec – Fuxgiven (Side A)

Debut EP from emcee Tré Orona and producer Cecil Tso, out now for free download or pay what you want.

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FREE EP + VIDEO: Perseph One – Machine Mammal

The 2nd Fake Four Freecember release of 2016 is by Houston, TX rapper Perseph One.

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