FREE EP: Hoosier Apex – Breakfast of Champions

Debut EP from new Indiana based group consisting of emcees Id Obelus, Branimal, and Richard Cook; with production from Ace Ha.

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FREE LP: Edison – The Hand

Great new instrumental release from Edison, out today!

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Megabusive – The West Of Megabusive

A free retrospective of Megabusive’s output over the last few years, compiled by Awkward (including some new exclusive remixes).

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Noblonski Remixed – feat. K-The-I???, Kid Presentable, Ira Lee, Morbidly-O-Beats + more

New release from Hello.L.A. featuring remixes by K-the-I???, Morbidly-O-Beats, The Chukchee, Zoën, Marjen, MJC, Limo Depri, For Those Who Still Exist, ...

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Steel Tipped Dove – arguing on the internet is cool and fun

Brand new beat tape from Brooklyn’s Steel Tipped Dove.

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AJ Suede – Name Brand Water

Free ten track mixtape from Pennsylvania’s AJ Suede.

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Manitoba Days (Peanuts & Corn Megamix)

Fan-made tribute mix to Peanuts & Corn, one of the most important record labels in Canadian rap history. Compiled by Pseudzero, ...

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Fresh Out: Gurp City

Free download of a 36-song mix of old and new Gurp City music; featuring Sacred Hoop, Z-Man, The Gingerbread Man, Eddie ...

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The Renfrew Few (mcenroe + Alvaro Rojas + Jan Tingstad)

Brand new project by mcenroe (raps/sings/beats) featuring his friends Alvaro Rojas (guitar) and Jan Tingstad (vocals).

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Shut-ins and the Colony – Kill All Heroes

FREE EP + Video: Shut-ins and the Colony – Lo-fi Love Songs

New EP out today from Portland, Oregon duo Shut-ins and the Colony (emcee Lucas Dix and producer Ed Curtiss).

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FREE LP + Video: Ersatz Splynter – Lalochezia

FREE LP + Video: Ersatz Splynter – Lalochezia

Free LP from Fresno, CA emcee/producer Ersatz Splynter. Lalochezia is the last of Fake Four’s annual Freecember set of releases and ...

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