Moka Only – “Wintertime Divine”

New video off of Moka's To The Next Season album. Video directed by Stace Prints.

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Why? – “Proactive Evolution”

Lyric video for "Proactive Evolution" from the new album Moh Lhean, dropping on Joyful Noise Recordings 3/3/17.

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Geechi Suede – “0.9”

New video from Geechi Suede's new album, 0.9 NyteLife FM.

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Evil Ebenezer – “Dream”

Video for the first single off Evil Ebenezer's upcoming album Cultus. Produced and directed by Stuey Kubrick.

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Carl Kavorkian – “PoorTense”

New video off of Carl Kavorkian's EleNtine EP.

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VIDEO: Moka Only – “Somethin’ For Warmth”

Video off of Moka's Martian Xmas 2016 album, out now on Urbnet.

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Mattr - A Brief History Of Nothing

VIDEO: Mattr – “Dying For Beginners”

Three part video from Swiss producer Mattr, off of his new album A Brief History of Nothing – out now via Anette Records / Mism Records.

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VIDEO: Mega Ran – “Space Defense Team” feat. Kool Keith & Wordburglar

New video off of Mega Ran’s RNDM album.

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VIDEO: Buriers – “A Lesson In Skinning Goats…”

Great new Buriers video off of their To Speak Of One's Own Pride record.

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VIDEO: Ecid – “Breaking Up With Death”

New video and single from Ecid.

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