Kay the Aquanaut – “American Expre$$” feat. Paranoid Castle

Kay The Aquanaut's new album 7 Vessels is officially out today on Fake Four Inc; produced entirely by Factor Chandelier.

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C-Rayz Walz & Dear Derrick – “Be Yourself” Prod. by Tom Delay Beats

New video from the upcoming album, The Black Arts. Produced by Tom Delay Beats.

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Sadistik – “God Complex”

New video from Sadistik's latest album, Altars, out now.

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Food for the Gods (Watusi + Mental Stamina) – “Matrix” prod. BlakeNine

Food for the Gods are Watusi + Mental Stamina. Video by Vegan Steven. Song produced by BlakeNine.

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Ice Cube – “Good Cop Bad Cop”

One of three new songs from the 25th anniversary reissue of Cube's classic Death Certificate album, out now.

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Mindz of a Different Kind – “All I Know”

New video from Austin TX's MDK, produced by Redrum, off of their Borderlinez EP.

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Nocando – “Mykraphone Myk”

New Nocando video; an homage to the legendary Myka 9, who drops in for an acapella. Produced by Elusive.

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Graves 33 – “American Hypocrite”

New Graves 33 video, directed by Dyllyn Greenwood.

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VIDEO: Jueles – “Butterflies” The Final Chapter in the Saga of Kenny Dennis (Serengeti)

If you know who Kenny Dennis (aka Serengeti) is, then you know about his wife Jueles - but did you know she can sing?

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Video Premiere: Kay The Aquanaut – “Moonlight Mania” prod. by Factor Chandelier

Video premiere from Kay The Aquanaut's new 7 Vessels LP, produced by Factor Chandelier - out June 16 on Fake Four Inc.

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VIDEO: A7PHA (Doseone & Mestizo) – “Hand 2 Hand”

New video for the Alias produced "Hand 2 Hand," off of A7PHA's self-titled LP on anticon.

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