Apr 3, 2009

Reefill fka Gumball (Frek Sho)



[audio:http://ugsmag.com/media/Reefill-Bubble_Bursting.mp3|titles=Bubble Bursting|artists=Reefill]

Frek Sho’s Gumball has resurfaced with a new name and a debut self-produced solo album. If Gumball didn’t first email to say he was sending us a copy of his album and had changed his name to Reefill, there’s a good chance this CD would have ended up in the probably-never-going-to-listen-to-it promo pile based on the horrible cover and song titles alone. Strangely, the press-sheet, liner-notes, etc… make no mention at all of Frek Sho or his former Gumball alias. From writing, recording, producing, and designing the cover art, Reefill did everything on this album. Beat wise, its very simple and actually at times unexpectedly similar to Frek Sho’s old stripped down production. Reefill can rap, but conceptually a lot of the tracks just sound too dated — multiple songs about weed are not what I want to hear in 2009. However, tracks like “Bubble Bursting” and the fun “Big Man Rap” make me happy to have had a the chance to listen to the album. The press-sheet mentions its an “album unsoiled by intervention” but i think Reefill would have been better served to have some rap homies to bounce things off of.

01. Born to Kill
02. Drop it
03. 4 Tha Blunt-d 1’z
04. Elemental
05. Don’t You Tell Me To Smile
06. Big Man Rap
07. Spicy
08. Roaches
09. Bubble Bursting
10. Beautiful Vice

For more info, audio, and to purchase the CD check out myspace.com/reefill

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