Asbest The Moor King – “Sceptics” feat. James Reindeer

Off of the new album, Mind Of A Few, from Brighton UK’s Asbest The Moor King.

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Jamesreindeer - "????????"

Budapest – “Red” feat. James Reindeer [Live]

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Swordplay and Pierre the Motionless – Tap Water

Out now (digital + colour vinyl) on French label Dora Dorovitch. Featuring guest vocals by Brzowski, Ancient Mith, James P.Honey, Ceschi, ...

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Connect the Machine to the Map: Hip Hop + Shoegaze

New compilation featuring Variex, Brad Hamers, Bleubird, Ceschi, Otem Rellik, Riddlore, Th’Mole, Ancient Mith, James Reindeer, Pierre the Motionless, We Are ...

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AbSUrd – Close To Distantly

Vinyl version of AbSUrd’s Close To Distantly LP is out now on Cooler than Cucumbers. Featuring Babel Fishh, Bleubird, Ceschi, James ...

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Murmur Breeze (Absurd and James P Honey) – Foreshore Reverie

New Murmur Breeze album available on vinyl from Cooler Than Cucumbers / Decorative Stamp. Listen to it here. Buy it here. ...

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AbSUrd feat. JamesReindeer – “Shadows of Reindeer”

Video from the album, Close to Distantly. Produced by AbSUrd. Vocals by JamesReindeer. Video directed by Bhopal.

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Zoen – One Night Between

Dope compilation produced by Zoën; featuring Ceschi, soso, Noah23, Astronautalis and more...

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Filkoe, Babel Fishh, James P Honey, JamesReindeer – West Coast U.S. Tour

Look for Filkoe, Babel Fishh, James P Honey, and JamesReindeer on tour this month along the West Coast...

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Mism Records

This little label sort of just sprung up under our noses releasing two tasteful little 7"s with plans of more in the future. Mism... they're two guys from Switzerland...

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2econd Class Citizen – “Listen The Night” (feat. JamesReindeer) video

Video for 2econd Class Citizen’s “Listen The Night” featuring JamesReindeer on vocals. An extended version of the track is featured on ...

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European Hip Hop Touring North America w/ Thesis Sahib

Thesis Sahib hit us up about his tour with European’s JamesPHoney, JamesReindeer (UK), Funken (FR), Pierre the motionless (FR), and ...

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