VIDEO: Jueles – “Butterflies” The Final Chapter in the Saga of Kenny Dennis (Serengeti)

If you know who Kenny Dennis (aka Serengeti) is, then you know about his wife Jueles - but did you know she can sing?

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Serengeti – Kaleidoscope

I wrote this on Instagram a few months ago and, even though UGSMAG doesn't really do reviews anymore, I figured I might as well post it here since Kaleidoscope is now finally on vinyl...

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Serengeti – Dennehy 2xLP (w/ Beautyman EP)

Reissue of Serengeti's 2006 classic, Dennehy, now on double vinyl for the first time. Side D features an unreleased EP with Beauty Man that was made in 2009. The first 200 people to order also receive a copy of the new Derek cassette.

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Curta – “Sky High” feat. Kenny Dennis (Serengeti)

First single from the upcoming Click Bait EP from Denver's Curta, produced by 4Digit.

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VIDEO: Serengeti + Sicker Man – “Boy”

Video from the upcoming album, Doctor My Own Patience (pre-order now), by Serengeti and Sicker Man.

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VIDEO: Serengeti and DJ Crucial – “Ninja III”

New animated video from Serengeti’s DJ Crucial produced EP, Dust. Video by HighDroPhonics.

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VIDEO: Yoni & Geti – “Madeline”

Video from Yoni Wolf & Serengeti’s great new Testarossa LP, out now on Joyful Noise.

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Yoni & Geti – “Madeline”

Second single from the upcoming Yoni Wolf & Serengeti album, Testarossa – due out May 6th. Pre-order now from Joyful Noise ...

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Yoni & Geti – “Lunchline”

First single from the new Yoni Wolf (of Why?) & Serengeti album, Testarossa – due out May 6th. The LP soundtracks ...

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Tone Tank ft. Serengeti – “Cop/Boost”

Tone and Serengeti take you through the lives of Lloyd and Lenny - both played by James Woods in the obscure 1988 movies 'Cop' and 'The Boost'.

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VIDEO: Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti) – “Wonder Girl”

New Cavanaugh video off of their Time and Materials album. Directed by Natalie Garcia-Mayor.

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Video: Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti) – “Zorak”

New video off Cavanaugh’s Time and Materials album.

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