ZZBRA (Moka Only & Evil Ebenezer) : Let’s Roll

The newest video from The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Available now at CamobearDigital.com .

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ZZBRA (Moka Only & Evil) – “Elephant Remix” ft. Snak the Ripper

Remix video, download the track for free from: http://bit.ly/ElephantRemix. Check the original video here.

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ZZBRA (Moka Only & Evil) – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Moka Only and Evil Ebenezer's new album is out today on Camobear Records. Produced by The Draft Dodgers (Stuey Kubrick and U-Tern).

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ZZBRA (Moka Only & Evil Ebenezer) – “Green”

ZZBRA is an upcoming album/group starring Moka Only & Evil Ebenezer and produced entirely by The Draft Dodgers (Stuey Kubrick and ...

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