June 6, 2017

2econd Class Citizen feat. Ceschi – “Goldmine”

New, previously unreleased, collaboration from Ceschi and producer 2econd Class Citizen.

Catch Ceschi on tour this month in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany:

Jun 7 – Jihlava (CZ) – BEZVEDOMI
With Modré hory:
Jun 8 – Liptovský Mikuláš (SK) w/Modré hory – DIERA DO SVETA
Jun 9 – Prešov (SK) w/Modré hory – CHRISTIANIA
Jun 10 – Tren?ín (SK) w/Modré hory – KLUB LUC
Jun 11 – Bratislava (SK) w/Andy The Doorbum, Modré hory – FUGA
Jun 13 – Brno (CZ) w/Andy The Doorbum – KABINET MUZ
Jun 14 – Ústí nad Labem (CZ) – HRANICAR
Jun 15 – Praha (CZ) w/Buriers – KLINIKA
Jun 16 – Bojkovice (CZ) – MišMaš festival
Jun 17 – Verné?ovice, Soulkostel (CZ) – Solo Soulkostel festival
June 20 _ Vienna (AT) – Kulturverein Einbaumöbel
With Squalloscope:
June 21 _ Frankfurt (DE) – Naxos
June 22 _ Bremen (DE) – Lila Eule
June 23 _ Hamburg (DE) – Hafenklang
June 24 – Lueneburg (DE) – Anna & Arthur’s



Top of the morning…
Woke up Half dumb
Tasting battery acid On my tongue…
Engulfed in a rushing sensation of falling.

Shook my head side to side.
Made my bed jailhouse style…
sheets with tight folds.

And Something tells me
Ill never quite get back to normal.

Something tells me
Ill never learn to grow old.

Can somebody please take away these memories of pd guns pointed at my skull even for milliseconds?
I know my place.

Not a day goes by without feeling the invisible hand of authority clenching my throat, dangling handcuffs in front of my face.

Still attempting to dig myself out of the dirt mound that I’ve built over the years
piling on layers of shit to construct its filthy walls.

And I’ll hide within the safety of that shell
And I’ll smile in public
And ill Grow a beard
Everything looks all good

They promised me
There is a gold mine
In the gutter

They assured me
There is a heaven past death

I will not drown in this feeling…
Long after I’ve been defeated
I will not drown in this feeling….

They threw me in the ocean
I drank it.
Pretty sure that my devotion’s all that’s left.
Idiotic, but I’m hoping my last breath is spent on a utopian land, not this.
I will love you till we’re broken
Beyond death
Thank you for letting me feel more than breath.
I won’t let this feeling choke me more than this.
Thank you for letting me feel more than breath.

I’ll tell myself : there is a goldmine in the gutter.
I’ll tell myself : there is a heaven past death.