Dec 29, 2009

2Mex – “Back” video



  1. deeskee and 2 mex are the illest.

  2. alter

    word ira.

    one of the best pieces of art ive seen/heard in a while.

  3. Fatmike

    This video is incredible, I really can’t even think of anything that would be better suited for such a dope track. I got to hear a bunch of the new album when we were down in LA a few months ago and I don’t even think people are ready for how good this album actually is. Deeskee and 2mex combined are dangerous. Probably the two of the best musicians in hip hop today. Buy this when it drops in the spring on Strange Famous…and while you’re at it get a real physical copy of Deeskee’s Audiobiograffitti, out now. La2thebay 2010.

  4. Clever Name

    Where is that “whoa whoa whoa” from in the begining of the track? I’ve heard it before and it’s driving me crazy because I can’t think of it…

  5. Really good vid, I like the track alot but I don’t know if the whole repeating itself would work as well without the vid, seems like overkill – cool nonetheless.

  6. chadio

    OH MY GOD. this is crazy good

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