July 20, 2000

4th Pyramid

4th PyramidBehold one and all, young and old, wack and fresh, the latest interview through the wonderful medium that is so perfect for interview, the revolutionary ICQ. Today, I sit down with 4th-Pyramid, producer extraordinaire, and chat about whatever I damn well feel like! Enjoy all!

Andy: First and foremost, “what set you claim”?

4th-Pyramid: what do you mean by that?

Andy: where are you from?

4th-Pyramid: hah, my bad. Toronto, born and raised.

A: any upcoming releases or current releases that the people need to know about?

4th: well….there’s obviously “The Light Is But The Shade Of The Darkness”, the full instrumental project right there. Then I got plans for a vinyl EP in spring. A little sooner than that, me and C Rayz Walz are about to do this collaboration that could pop up on a 12″ this winter.

A: C Rayz Wallz? How did you get involved with him? And is that not the best name in hip hop?

4th: Well, I was in New York umm about 10 days ago and just there this last week actually, and me and him were just hanging out. My man Wax told him I was coming to town to link up with J-Zone, and he had heard that my beats were on some different shit, so me, him and J-Zone just hung out all day and C Rayz was feeling the vibe.

A: what did you do on this day of chilling?

4th: Well, I write for Rebirth Magazine too, so I was interviewing J-Zone. J-Zone’s DJ (can’t remember his name right now but he’s a cool kat) and C Rayz were with us. Just walked around NY, went to Fat Beats, ate at the Olive Garden. Like I said, we were just chilling….

A: Fresh! What artists are you currently loving?

4th: Loving? hmm….that new Apathy Compatible 12″ is pretty sick. Ain’t really anyone out there that I can say I’m loving at the moment. Who am checking for of late…Necro (on the beats), that new J-Zone EP, and I’ve been loving this Godfather Don demo track “True Love”..shit’s banging

A: listening to any Canadian artists these days?

4th: Umm..not really. I’ll check what comes out but nothing comes to mind. I check for BrassMunk, Obscure Disorder, Serious….even the Halifax scene (Tachichi, Sebutones, etc…) but that ain’t really my steez. Musically, I’m in my own world. I keep an ear out for what’s dropping, but I’m more into going back and studying older shit

A: I noticed a lot of jazz influence on “The Light is But…,” Who are your favorite jazz artists or jazz records?

4th: You obviously have the classics, Miles Davis/John Coltrane and all that stuff. To be honest though, I rarely sit down and listen to a Jazz LP in its entirety. I’m more of a live jazz improv kat. Rather go to a jazz bar or a jazz festival. Did you hit up the Beaches Jazz Festival this year, shit was alright.

A: Beaches Jazz Festival? Cant say as I did. That’s the problem when you live in the prairies, there isn’t much musical exposure. the Edmonton “jazz festival” is basically jack soul and Paula Cole. I want to see someone like Jimmy Smith, but no such luck. That’s why I need to move to T.O. or Vancouver!

4th: Hah, word. Edmonton..never been there, don’t really feel the need to either

A: Avoid it at all costs. The scene here is so horrible, it makes me angry. What are your interests other than the all powerful hip hop?

4th: Traveling is dope. Chewing gum passes the time nicely. Can’t forget the other powerful drive or what we call ‘the 2nd head’..

A: The 2nd head, hahaha, well put! What is your favorite album?

4th: Nas – Illmatic probably, that or Nightmares on Wax – Smokers Delight

A: Was that one of your first hip-hop albums? (illmatic that is)

4th: hah..not really…Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full would’ve probably been the first rap album I sat down and listened to and enjoyed

A: how would you describe the T.O. scene, Jamaican gangstas? classic hip hop haven? new york clone?

4th: a little bit of all those. NY Clone would be the best description though. Toronto’s really close minded, you have a metropolis who waits for shit to blow up in NY before buying it here. Hip-hop out here sounds generic, a dime a dozen hip-hop. Toronto doesn’t support their own, so why bother..

A: what is the scene in Montreal like?

4th: Well I was only there for a few days, but the English scene seemed tight knit, a little more of a community environment than down here. Remember though, I’m not in any type of click or crew, a lot of Toronto heads don’t know who am I, those that do kind of act like I don’t exist.

A: do you have any affiliation with say Bomb Shelta Association?

4th: No no no no….zero ties musically with the BSA. We’re friends, and that’s all. There’s some kind of misconception out there that 4th Pyramid & Bombshelta Association are like fam, probably because of this one picture of me with a couple of them that’s floating around. I speak to a few of them on a friendship level strictly. I was going to do a cut with Tyranny but that never materialized

A: any reason you’ve stayed away from the crews?

4th: No particular reason, but a lot of these ‘crews’ have been formed 6-7 years ago, I wasn’t even a teen then, and I wasn’t all that involved with the scene, so I’ve never really broken into one click. I’d also just rather do my thing as a soloist and work with whomever when it happens.

A: so how old are you then?

4th: 18

A: really? how did you get into production at such a young age?

4th: Don’t really know, started playing 4 years ago, got good at it, stuck with it. I started out as a rhymer and I still do rap, all those beats you heard on that album, I was supposed to rap on, just never got down to doing vocals on them and the beats held their own

A: i’m surprised at your age, I figured you’d be at least 22 or older! how did you get involved with rebirth?

4th: Man Rebirth runs some kind of sweatshop. Wax approached me when I was like 16 asking me to write and help him with audio stuff on the page. That dude would ask a 10 year old to join the staff if he saw potential (check Bermz)… haha just bugging

A: hahaha, wax is interesting to say the least! The staff and page continues to grow however, and much props on that stuff. Anything you want to ask me?

4th: you??… umm nothing in particular, you’re the harshest reviewer to write about my shit. You even called a few of those breaks right on. I got nothing left to say though. My album should be dropping in the UGS Store real soon so stay on the lookout for it and be sure to support it.

A: well, its been great talking to you, all the best with the new album and I hope it sells well. Everyone out in internet land, check out www.4thPyramid.com and support 4th-P! Thanks for the interview!

4th: word thanks for your time