Nov 7, 2012

A Band Of Buriers – “Introduction” (Live)


The new A Band Of Buriers album, Filth is out now and the 12″ white vinyl edition will be released at the end of November, preorder now.


Whole city shimmering like scar tissue
Don’t need a new best friend or to blend in as drapes in your elligible pad and fake fun
Dead sun comes up over burning car and a banquet for all beheaded congress
Bring me your king’s face and then we’ll talk
You and your poor passion stroll with pig’s scalp upon platter
While a moody sun tries its best to blight the moon’s honesty
You and your considered abandon – hah
The traditional poor we, me, sad clown-face
The neon anger
The staggering badge of fur coats
Toothy winds and vague concerns bit our breasts
Bound to the back of a billboard for all eternity
A world welded around electric blankets, bubble bath and canned laughter in a ruin of anger



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