November 8, 2011

A Band Of Buriers – “We All Give In [Tupac]”

New video from A Band of Buriers (James P Honey and Jamie Romain).

A wreath of forlorn daffodils
brought back from the market by a lover
put in a bowl beside the old doll’s house
bathed in fiery plumage

Where the tiny white cliffs sit
like the slightest of tares in a bare gown
drowned in bright colours
disco ball banality

You’ll find no peace here
and lord knows your lord won’t save you
too tide up
tethered to the hazy blue hue

Warming all who sink into the valleys
and let the damage unfurl over faces
lost and comely
found but now stale

Sunbeams like a hail of sword blades
impaled through a chest made of shadows
thrown out wild
for miles and miles coiling

And so let us turn to where we were
that night we heard the news of Tupac
Shakur’s death
resting ‘neath long limbs

She was cut from leather
while he was born of bone and clay
and they lay for ages together
and found out what it was for

He wore dead flowers and ribbons
which she saw as a sign of fine health
and who do you know that’s sown shut their shadows
other, other than yourself

We all give in
give up
We all give in
and then get up again