September 11, 2007

Aceyalone – Lightning Strikes

Aceyalone - Lightning StrikesAceyalone - Easy ft. Chali 2na

Aceyalone’s new dancehall inspired album produced by Bionik, Lightning Strikes, drops October 2nd on Decon Records.

1. Lightning Strikes
2. Suicide
3. Sound Gun
4. Easy Feat. Chali 2na
5. Genie
6. Pick A Part Feat. Jah Orah
7. Shango
8. To The Top
9. When I Woke Up Feat. ZULU
10. Pose (Remix)
11. Supercool
12. Master Feat. Jah Orah
13. Help Us All
14. Jungle Muzik Feat. Jah Orah
15. Top Choice

7 Responses

  1. sounds interesting. by dancehall influence does that mean the beats are gonna be dancehall? or there will just be a few dancehall guest spots?

  2. Pretty sure all reggae/dancehall beats, based on this excerpt from the press release “will be the first in a series of albums inspired by other genres of music. The result is a new sound that blends Acey’s vocals with the up-tempo vibes of dancehall and the laid back riddims of reggae.”

  3. Sweet I sure hope he does an indie rock album. that would be extremely beneficial to hip hop culture imo.

  4. man i love acey but fuck i hate dancehall beats. him and chali tuna kill it with raps on that first single but the beat is on some annoying sean paul shit.

  5. yeah i used to feel the same way about dancehall beats. if they are minimalist with just drums and lazer sounds and whatnot they are pretty painful. but if they got decent sampling they aren’t too bad.

  6. Not really a fan of indie hip-hop but Acey is tha truth. From what I hear, dude stepped his game up for Real for real. I heard of Jah ora from a promo vid and he spits fire and Zulu, if it the same guy I’m thinking of I fuks wit evrything he put out. If it ain’t like 19.99 Imma cop.