Jan 26, 2009

Ahmad, Ras Kass & Saafir – “Come Widdit” [video]


An old classic from the Street Fighter movie soundtrack.


  1. Avatar endub

    ahhhhhh the golden erra …..memorys of what once was…

  2. Avatar CountTurrack

    fucken wicked. youtube is a goldmine. dope old vids for days..

  3. Avatar Balzac

    if i remember correctly saafir got a hiphop quotable in the source for his verse on this.

    streetfighter 2 soundtrack is full of awesomeness

  4. Avatar Royal-T

    P-nut plays this everytime we drink, love this song and vid

  5. Avatar Touch

    Man the east coast must have shit themselves after seeing this. Classic.

  6. Avatar ceej

    Ahmad murders it!

  7. Avatar chad

    Ahmad is dropping a new album. Stay tuned http://www.myspace.com/ahmad

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