Sep 14, 2009

Angerville + Touch + 9th Uno – “Fighting Words”



  1. Biggups Touch for doing this and UGS MAG for posting it. Respect guys!

  2. This is pretty nice

  3. Me and Touch just did a track over a 9th Uno beat.

  4. pretty dope. you should also check out Angerville’s track with Tek and DJ Law called, No Joke. biggups angerville and touch…

  5. Got my account hooked up, now you know it’s us. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.


  6. LEROY

    Could you please re-post this file? The link has expired already!

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Damn, this is what I like to see. I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow to check out the track, but it’s great to see these kinds of collaborations happening.

  8. the-girl-next-door

    Can’t go wrong here…………………Large!!!

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