December 1, 2017

Anonymous Inc. – Beta 1

The first in a four EP Beta series of forgotten songs from Anonymous Inc. (Ceschi + David Ramos + Max Heath). Recorded between 2001- 2007 and resuscitated, mixed, edited & polished by Max Heath in 2017. Out now as a name-your-price download from Fake Four Inc.

Anonymous Inc. was a grunge band started by brothers David & Ceschi Ramos in their Mother’s basement in 1994. Shortly after the initial grunge years, elements of hip hop, jazz fusion indie & progressive rock sounds were introduced as part of their overall musical style. Captured moments of improv & youthful experimentation along with collaborations with many musicians & rappers such as iCON The Mic King, Shoshin, Tommy V, Dose One & Circus all helped form their first self titled full length album in 2001. Shortly after that release, In the early 2000s, pianist Max Heath became a vital member of the band.