• Artchild

    Interview with veteran Toronto graffiti artist, Artchild.

  • EGR

    EGR is a Toronto artist and illustrator with an impressive portfolio of illustration in numerous print and online publications

  • Other

    Surreal characters swimming through composition wearing brightly knit Nordic pull-overs. Those and all his rad travel photos warrant closer inspection and a short sit down.

  • Todd Gronsdahl

    Saskatoon based visual artist, Todd Gronsdahl, talks to us about his art and influences as we feature his latest collaborative project.

  • Rove

    Give a brief introduction of who you are, who you paint with affiliations etc.
    I write Rove, my main man is Theory, …

  • Wendy Morgan

    Upon first glance, director Wendy Morgan might not come across as some crazy-ass, woopty-woo rap music director, brimming with delusions of …

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