March 20, 2017

Astronautalis “The Dirt Bike” prod. by Factor Chandelier

New single from Astronautalis, produced by Factor Chandelier. Catch Astronautalis on tour in Canada this May.

05/18 Calgary, AB – The Gateway
05/19 Edmonton, AB – The Needle
05/20 Saskatoon, SK – Amigos Cantina
05/24 Waterloo, ON – The Starlight
05/26 Toronto, ON – The Cave
05/27 Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz
05/28 Quebec City, QC – Le Cercle

I dreamed i found a dirt bike, while living through a war
I dreamed it started right on up, with one kick and a roar
The engine sounded so damn real, as it echoed off the walls
Of every bombed out dying building, as i tore off down the road

I dreamed i could dodge bullets, as sung right past my head
I swerved and leaned into the turns of the city’s skeleton
I could hear the sniper’s cursing, over buzz of the engine,
As they franticly reloaded before i disappeared on them

I dreamed the city swarmed with soldiers aiming for my head
Marching in from all four corners slowly closing in
Generals shout orders to the infantry of men
As the choppers spun their rotors, break their bonds with burning sands

And all the while, my throttle wild, I ripped through shelled out streets
Calling out to all around, “Olly oxen free”
My mama proud, cause my dust clouds were like a crown on me
It’s coronation day, I’m the King up in these streets

And no bullets or no barbed wire, tear gas or no cross fire
Bayonets or land mines, snipers nests or drone pilots
Ever catch me blindsided, slow me down or pop tires
I pop wheelies till they caught feelings, laughing while the lead flying

The dead eyedest, I sped by em! Stealth pilots, went to bed cryin!
RPGs left in the breeze as my CCs are red-lining
Damn right man! I just twist me wrist and laugh
Waiting for till they get so pissed they throw kitchen sinks and baths

And this is just the half, I can’t even find the words
How alive i finally felt, in the apex of a curve
Pressing so damn low, my knee was dragging in the dirt
I could feel the evening heat, radiating from the earth

And the engine between my knees, pushed far beyond its worth
Was humming like B-string, plucked upon a harp
For a moment everything, felt perfect on the Earth
And i could feel my racing heart beat if final little…