April 27, 2017

Astronautalis – “These Songs” feat. Fadeaway Jumpers (Prod. Factor Chandelier)


Brand new Astronautalis produced by Factor Chandelier and featuring Fadeaway Jumpers on the hook. Catch Astronautalis on tour in Canada this May.

C05/18 Calgary, AB – The Gateway
05/19 Edmonton, AB – The Needle
05/20 Saskatoon, SK – Amigos Cantina
05/24 Waterloo, ON – The Starlight
05/26 Toronto, ON – The Cave
05/27 Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz
05/28 Quebec City, QC – Le Cercle

I don’t want to write these songs no more
I don’t want to have these thoughts at all
I don’t want to break your god-damned heart
But i haven’t got the choice

I don’t want to rip your world apart
I don’t want to guide you through the dark
I don’t want to write these god-damned songs…
But i haven’t got the choice

I didn’t know people
But i know people that knew people
And that is as close as anyone should hope to come, to evil
Walking around the arrondissement, a year after that evening
I saw every single armed Gendarme and i got tired of that feeling

They say hey, write what you know,
and i know that i’m as angry as you
And i can’t shake it off me, yo
I can’t turn off the damn news
We’re drowning in it now, a Fox News monsoon
A Huff-Po hurricane of click bait and bad news

We Centralia, Pennsylvania
Got a fire burning in us boy,
That no one can extinguish
I’m getting tired of the feelin
We’re incapable of saying
Anything that ain’t a hashtag
Y’all know i ain’t playin!

Save me from those safety pins and
all those damn red hats
Its all the same old jingoism
Waving all new flags

And i don’t want no parts of this
But look at where i’m at
I can’t write no fucking songs
Man, i’m done with all that


We were an hour outside of Paris when the Bataclan blew,
We were about to fly to Moscow when they shot that plane down too
My own government was tapping phones, the fuck was i supposed to do?
I’d rather have written “Bad and Boujee” but I “Cut The Body Loose”
And that’s the truth.

Man, Instead of writing pop songs
I’ve been writIng about PRISM and reading too much Glenn Greenwald
Is this enlightenment or prison
I don’t know but this ain’t me y’all
Yeah the pot is boiling over
Ya boy need to let some of the steam off

Should I turn the tv screen off
Grab my wife, hop on the bike and fucking just go speed off?
Delete my twitter, instagram, my facebook, and just be done?
Jump off the grid, say fuck this shit,
And just go and write in the sun, man?

Cause i already wrote these fucking songs
I exercised these demons
Laid em down for everyone
We we gotta bring up old shit
Open all those same old wounds?
Honestly, i don’t know what i’m supposed to do