December 25, 2007

Atmosphere – Strictly Leakage (free album download)

Atmosphere - Strictly LeakageA christmas present from Atmosphere, Strictly Leakage is a free thirteen song album to chase away the winter doldrums. Download Here

5 Responses

  1. I haven’t even listened to this whole album yet so I’m not going to comment but Domestic Dog has the same sample as Cam and Cosm’s the Wheel.

    cam was doper on it. that shit was classic to me

  2. the beats are hardly “Ant’s”. Most of them are samples from old school hip hop tracks or interpolations from them… The first song uses Big Daddy Kane’s Young Black And Gifted (also used by Prince Paul on “the Demo”), the last song is from Kool G Rap’s Road to Riches, and there’s a track using the Gza’s first album…

    plus, it’s free, so stop complaining…

  3. Hip Hop Fan:
    “……it’s free, so stop complaining…”

    nuff said!