November 15, 2016

Atoms Family – “M.A.B.A.” feat. Cryptic One & Alaska

Lyric video for a new Atoms Family track “M.A.B.A. (Mind Awake Body Asleep)” featuring Cryptic One & Alaska.

[Cryptic One]
he refers to himself in third person
emotional burden is his sea urchin
spike surface serves protection from a sea serpent
interior soft and bursting with thoughts that keep hurting
his perversion worsened when he missed the facts
certainly an inversion of them lurking aristocrats
perched behind the curtain til some person unhitch the latch
the dam is still broken and now no one can fix the cracks
You damn right that crack kills
as certain as this bourbon served spills
lets build
free will? That’s still an illusion
to err is to human
proven by their intrusions
they troop in directly into his headspace
convinced him he’s just another head case
dead weight
Let’s set the pace, like those phasers: to stun
outside the gates, he awakes and he’s done

(Mind Awake Body Asleep)

Yo homeboy I hardly break a sweat
It’s a gnarly proposition with some interesting effects
And in the interest of respect some of the names have been changed
I’m on that Fargo shit that Argo shit that hardens your veins
It’s heart stopping body rocking earth shaking money making
“Bitch I fucked your friend”
Well now we proud of foul undertakings
that’s an understatement homes I rap along to Wild Flower
Ghost’s my favorite rapper have him stacked upon the ivory tower
Keenan Ivory Wayans shit, I’m slaying all these sacred cows
In house slippers like I’m Joel Ortiz up in the slaughter house
Kool Keith off beat on beat on fleek
And other slang the kids will use it’s got me lost like Carlton Cuse
The way I layer verses they deserve their own after show
With Chris Hardwick hosting while we focus on the after glow
Yo don’t get the yips man like Donnie Chen
a mastermind when rhyming I guess that I’m like Kimani then
-Is it ironic that i want to be iconic
-Makes me feel the opposite more like a con artist
-But that’s ConAgra a little food for thought
Cause being vulnerable alone homes now don’t make you loofah soft
Like Lucas with the lid off that shits fishy like some grouper dog
It’s really just a sickening condition like a whooping cough
Me I’m bumping nocando and maybe play hootie hoo
Southernplayalistic I just ripped shit peace to Lucy lui