Feb 26, 2009

Audio88, Bleubird & Thesis Sahib – “Ballermannhits” (Maki Remix)



  1. deadpan

    amazing video, dope art direction. and the track is nice too.

  2. Video is really dope! Feelin this track nice work boys! Signature Maki on the beats! Lovin it!

  3. super sick, emcee’s, beat, video! The whole package!


    Maki gets sicker and sicker with every beat.

  4. maki’s the man. dope beat. always loved his production

  5. dope track and video! maki killed that beat! so dope

  6. i’m shroomin to this.

  7. willowtaker

    damn – that is fine. fuckin’ great animation. slick beat….thesis always kicks it. never disappoints.

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