Kyle Mutch


I wasn't born into hip-hop. My siblings listened to shit and my father always barked at me, "How do you listen to that shit?" whenever he heard my music. I never really fit the part either. Skinny jeans looked baggy on me and yet I spent the majority of my life wearing clothes at least two sizes to big for me. Growing up in Saskatoon, SK discovering Factor and "prairie rap" was a transcending experience. By this time I was already suspending my consciousness under a lifesize Wu-Tang poster. But like so many from my generation, Atmosphere was the gate keeper to the underground. A place where I felt the brilliant minds of music were hidden. They introduced me to my totem pole of unknown heroes.

Hip-hop has always been there for me. It's helped me through the realest of times. I love hip-hop. It's been the soundtrack to my life. Writing for UGSMAG is my way of giving a little back.

I'm currently living in Seattle working with kids as a speech therapist.

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