Originally from Reno, Nevada, Rajen Bhatt was born in 81′ (Aquarius!) and now lives in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. He is a teacher in the Boston Public School system and part time computer tech guy. The first hip hop CD he purchased with his own money besides a “Jump Around” maxi-single was Dare Iz a Darkside by Redman in 1995 which he hid from his father.  In addition to running around the block in corpse paint, he loves rocking out on his MPC 60 and bass guitar.

Links: illvox.org

Label Spotlight

Mism Records

This little label sort of just sprung up under our noses releasing two tasteful little 7″s with plans of more in the future. Mism… they’re two guys from Switzerland…

Label Spotlight

Fake Four Inc.

Interview with Ceschi Ramos about starting the Fake Four Inc. record label and what projects they’re working on…



We talk synths, samplers, tapes and more with Cali rap’s tall man, Giovanni Marks aka Subtitle.


Twig Courage

Interesting interview with Straight-Edge emcee Twig Courage of the group XReign of TerrorX.

Label Spotlight

Ooohh! That’s Heavy!

Record label spotlight on Ooohh! That’s Heavy! Records. A short Q&A with Shawn Marbery, the man behind this picture disc vinyl-only up and coming label.


Buddy Peace

Buddy Peace’s Wolf Diesel Mountain is one of the best remix albums to drop in years. He’s also the man behind the Commonwealth Kids (along with Carlo) and A Crew Called Self, once a DJ for Lex Records, son of a documentary maker, and one hell of a remixer.



What is Ravish (for those who don’t know)? Die Young of the Shapeshifters and Deeskee..our new album. Or more specifically: ravish [v] hold spellbound; To