December 14, 2010

Awkward – Grand Prize

Awkward - Grand Prize

Grand Prize is the latest LP from Bristol, UK based producer Awkward featuring an impressive list of rappers including Awol One, Open Mike Eagle, Isaiah Toothtaker, Megabusive, and many others! Out now on iTunes via Machina Muerte Records.

0 The Shapes In Space
1 Build Lights
2 Tanks On Empty
3 Searching with Awol One
4 Adams Apple with Nadia Nair and Shuanise
5 Not In The Same Room w/ Alex Pathetic, Awkward, Dezmatic, Open Mike Eagle, Stepchild and Matt Gamin
6 Advice with Open Mike Eagle
7 High Entry
8 Middlemen Of A Higher Power with Rheteric Ramirez
9 Rare Form with Isaiah Toothtaker
10 The Segment with Age and Rogue
11 For Converations Sake with Megabusive
12 Serious Sentances with Snagneto, CoMo and Stepchild
13 Stretched Animal Skin Drum Ten with Dee Swift
14 Kings with Roastlonely