May 6, 2015

Babelfishh – Writhe In The Ailments

New Babelfishh album, out now via I Had An Accident.

Writhe In the Ailments, a true rager and the latest album by Babelfishh. The type of music to give one a panic attack right from the very beginning, Babelfishh’s off-beat holler and slam sound sees a very harsh reality. As hip hop goes, the trueness to the genre, Babelfishh is furtherest from the center. The album is split in two sides, that harsh booming side filled with Babelfishh’s scream rap style. Side 2 takes on a similar approach yet calms down as much as Babelfishh can in a more introspective look at life. The album is beautiful in its chaos and ripe for any Babelfishh fan. Limited to 100 blue cassettes.