Dec 27, 2007

Bare Records – What the Fuk (free album download)


Bare Records - What the FukFrom Modulok’s Blog: “I love Bare Records…they make ridiculously grimy hip-hop that kinda reminds you of 1993 RZA meets a kind’ve East London, rainy day, cops in funny hats and pint glasses in the face kinda vibe. As a holiday present of sorts they’ve just released a totally free to download compilation entitled ‘WHAT THE FUK’, it features ten original tracks by some of London’s grimiest emcee’s… as well as two tracks by yours truly. Please download it and pass on the link to whomever you please.” [via]


  1. Avatar Shitty Bill

    this is really fuckin ill

  2. Avatar ira lee

    fuck is it ever. the production is is insane and the rap’s are fucking nice.


  3. Glad your feeling the free tracks . Lots more dropping in 2008 .

    Peace . B .

  4. Avatar hussam

    any things

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