Mar 10, 2010

Big Boi ft. Too Short + George Clinton – “Fo Yo Sorrows” video



  1. L1

    Dope song! Glad they did a vid for this one!

  2. Lord John Marbury


  3. the-girl-next-door

    Within the first 3 seconds I had thee biggest smile across my face!!!! Can’t wait for this…I love Big Boi

  4. Wow, Too Short is getting grey…

  5. Too $hort’s been getting greys for a minute now. I remember an interview from a few years ago where he said he refuses to dye his beard and that he’s been bald since 22. I think it’s a classy move. Too $hort and classy in the same paragraph? Who would have thought.

    Greyness aside, this song is awesome.

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