May 25, 2007

“Big Rig” Movie trailer


From director Doug Pray and producer Brad Blondheim (the team who created “SCRATCH”) comes a new film, “BIG RIG,” a broad portrait of modern America as seen through the eyes of long-haul truck drivers. Spanning 21,000 miles, 45 states, and dozens of truck stops. Soundtrack provided by Buck 65.


  1. darla martin

    where can you buy the movie big rig? I would like to buy it for my husband for fathers day and our anniverary.

  2. The movie is still doing the Film Festival circuit, haven’t heard anything about a DVD release so far, but you can check out for the latest news on the film.

  3. Marcf

    where can i get the BIG RIG Buck 65 Soundtrack???

    Sept 15 08

    Great band

  4. mario bonilla

    When you go up the full movie another look at youtube ????

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