Sep 3, 2009

Big Urban – “Religious Experience” video


“Religious Experience” off Big Urban’s It’s Not So Much the Heat… It’s the Humidity, go to for more tracks and information.


  1. Kray kills! Love this.

  2. Avatar Nolto

    This song is the best song.
    Nuk Fam is killin it.

  3. Yes! Do not sleep on these guys people. It’s Not So Much the Heat… It’s the Humidity is an awesome EP, buy it on iTunes.

    “You see when Scott talks like that, you know he is a deep dude…”

  4. Avatar Nolto

    Snap to the Future (another great song from It’s Not So Much The Heat…) is available for free download in the link provided above.
    Great song.

    Your Mother is a Hipster, however, isn’t getting as much plays from me. Though, it isn’t bad.

    All in all, I’m a big Big Urban fan now.
    Way better than Keith Urban.

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