April 10, 2012

Billy Woods – “Duck Hunt”

Video for an A.M. Breakups produced track from Billy Woods’ new album History Will Absolve Me, out today on backwoodzstudioz.com. Directed by Crosby.


They shootin’ at the screen
Laser beams, lucid dreams
Even the wiliest fiends find theyselves losing steam
Chasing hits, Barry Bonds
Those high scores only last so long
8 bits in the cartridge, 16 in the P
Yeah, it comes with the game but aint a damn thing free

The kid talk about pussy like he trying to convince me
G’head dog, I see how close you and your niggas be
self-described pretty G’s with fly bitches on they tweets
But me?
I’ll Delonte West your Old Earth and still keep it discreet
Duke, your whole style is wash, rinse, repeat
I bet your A&R knew he struck gold with that easy listening,
middle of the road
And to all you rapping christians on a mission, I’m happy to lighten that load
You’ll stumble out the jungle twenty pounds lighter
Wild eyed like a white man after twenty days on Rikers
Tell em our pupils was red, skin black, rhyming brutal
Back of the izakaya, Sapporo tallboy with my Ramen noodle
Either I’m seeing y’alls wires or this strain is that crucial
A lot of shit old people got to say, really aint that useful
So don’t mind me y’un, do you, spread your wings
I’ma be right up on that Magnavox clappin’ that thing


To everyone I loved
To everyone who fronted me drugs
To all y’all who still frontin’ and fake friends who left me for dead in the mud
May you each get exactly what you deserve
Had a speech prepared chock full of them SAT words
but on second thought, fuck it, two tears in a bucket about sums it
a tisket, a tasket
black Robert Baden Powell, never caught without the ratchet
Grass like Wimbledon, wood racquet
Rap like a simpleton, see new tax bracket
so-called goons, turns out they schools was magnet
Masters of masquerade masked up, all the worlds a stage, director’s cut
faster blade, hunting ducks, both barrels spray
They stuttering “best of luck” on your last day,
last check cut bout 3 weeks before your health insurance fly away
Smarten up, Hulk gray or find yourself in the hole like Special K
Pimpers Paradise
nigga my mic sounds nice and from the jump, I bet my life
pocket collapsing, it’s the recession, nobody’s buying the playaction
We don’t believe you like the government in Mogadishu, you need more factions