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November 27, 2008

Birdapres – Toothpaste [free download]

Birdapres - Toothpaste [free download]New EP from Birdapres, produced by Thizzy Asper. Download it now from Marathon of Dope.


1. The End Of Your Starting
2. Cozy
3. Bridge & Tunnels
4. A Pocket Full Of Cobras (Feat. Evil)
5. Duncemeat
6. Three Four
7. Toothpaste Commercial
8. Toothpaste
9. Hey…………….Props

20 Responses

  1. just listening now.

    birdapres, next time yer in town, im handing you a twenty dollar bill, caus ei have no idea how this paypal thing works.

    word up, this has the feel id expect a birdapres album to have, production is tight!

    raps are classic already!

  2. Bird will be at Record Land in Cowgary tomorrow with those cute lil usb sticks for sale….find him & buy them off him….he also likes hot turkey sandwhich.