Nov 27, 2008

Birdapres – Toothpaste [free download]


Birdapres - Toothpaste [free download]New EP from Birdapres, produced by Thizzy Asper. Download it now from Marathon of Dope.


1. The End Of Your Starting
2. Cozy
3. Bridge & Tunnels
4. A Pocket Full Of Cobras (Feat. Evil)
5. Duncemeat
6. Three Four
7. Toothpaste Commercial
8. Toothpaste
9. Hey…………….Props


  1. just listening now.

    birdapres, next time yer in town, im handing you a twenty dollar bill, caus ei have no idea how this paypal thing works.

    word up, this has the feel id expect a birdapres album to have, production is tight!

    raps are classic already!

  2. Woo, this is really nice, I hope Bird gets all sorts of grants with this thing.

  3. countturrack

    this is real good shit, as one would expect…

  4. Haven’t listened to this since he had it up briefly on his MySpace page. I really dig the breezy feel of it.

  5. SonnyCookout


  6. ferg

    where can i get a real copy of this to put in the cd rack?

  7. max prime

    the last track “toothpaste” is my jam

  8. yeah this shit is mega dope. but what else would you expect from bird?

  9. greezygrey

    birdapres is killer. touring with this any time soon?

  10. this release will not likely see a cd format….if so it wont be soon.

    and 100% of the money you pay for Toothpaste goes right to Birdapres.


  11. Bird also has limited edition Birdapres usb sticks with all albums including toothpaste & some old shit from way back that you never likely heard nerd.

    email him to get your greasy sausage fingers on one.

    [email protected]

  12. jointshow

    do not sleep on this.

  13. Dj kutdown

    This record is one of my fav releases this year.
    – Smooth like two blue swede shoes.

  14. chadp

    so sick. birdy ima need one a those flashy drives.

    ill holla

  15. Rhek

    Bird is always ill.

  16. Bird will be at Record Land in Cowgary tomorrow with those cute lil usb sticks for sale….find him & buy them off him….he also likes hot turkey sandwhich.

  17. staas

    is bird going to do a show in calgary?

  18. MindSharp

    Big ups bird is crazy however Im not really feeling alot of the beats on this record though.

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