Jun 21, 2010

Bizarre – “I Love Canada” video


New video from Bizarre (D12). “Nitrogen Balloons off in Saskatoon… Can’t wait to get back to Medicine Hat…





  1. max prime

    wut the f*ck? the existense of this whole thing makes absolutely no sense

  2. This is the best thing I have seen in a time

  3. Rellik

    great idea though. theyll sing that shits in every city he stops in

  4. chris plus

    edmonton airport runnin in a hurry/
    it’s off to calgary than fort murray/


  5. Trippy but kinda cool.

  6. SJ

    At least someone who is known internationally is giving Canada props. Usually Americans shit on us. hahaha

  7. Hahah, I was just gonna go post this on the forum…most tolerable Bizarre song yet.

  8. hahah fuck that’s so funny man, Bizarre gets unnecessary hate imo.

  9. nickname

    I think it’s ill that someone from outside our country wrote a whole song and shot a video to show our country love.

  10. This is such a smart move on Bizzare’s part. The song has a summertime feel to it so there is the chance that the song will catch on eventually getting spun by so many Top40 DJs just off the novelty which will create more touring opportunities for him and D12.

    I’ve never been a fan of Bizzare, but I give him props on writing a whole song about Canada and name dropping so many cities. I give him props for bigging up Maestro. Few American’s give props to our legends while we always give props to theirs. It’s dope that he filmed it in Canada and then actually made an official video for this song.

    Sad thing about this, if a Canadian rapper would have done this song, no one would even care.

    • Didnt a Canadian rapper do that song twice, with everybody caring, even caring too much?

      Classified – Maritimes
      Classified – Oh Canada


  11. So which one of yall is gonna write the ode to America. I bet they’ll totally take notice.

  12. Rickroo


  13. It’s a trap. Don’t trust this guy. I’m going to find some way to get really offended by this. Who’s below us enough on the world stage that they will get really hyped by a Canadian giving them love? I’ll do a track for them.

  14. I

    tons of live shots from the Pyramid in Winnipeg!!! haha. this guy sucks

  15. I think it’s genuine.

    Of course he loves Canada, it’s probably the last place he can do shows and get paid. Should be a posse cut with Abstract Rude, Living Legends, Bukue One and Zion I.

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