Sep 5, 2009

Bleubird & The Second Hand Outfit – Street Talk III


Bleubird & The Secondhand Outfit - Street Talk III

The latest installment of Bleubird’s Street Talk series is now available for free download.

Download the Mixtape:

01. old dirty bollywood
02. a millie joel
03. iggy half live
04. crybaby thug live
05. slim hugs make weird
06. sallyfornia w/TSHO
07. little trouble floyd
08. back in bleu
09. willie WU
10. phargazi w/TSHO
11. mobb lime!
12. come on betty live (from prinzenallee)
13. karate song
14. clean yo plate (Bomarr Monk remix)

Recorded, mixed, and arranged by the Second Hand Outfit:

For more info check out

Bleubird on Tour in Europe


  1. the ol dirt cover is great!

  2. Avatar Beeb

    fooook yea – er

  3. Avatar deejay emoh betta

    karate song. :)

  4. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!this rules. Goats!!!

  5. Avatar BrakingAdams

    This is definitely the worlds most violent mixtape ever!!!

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