Jan 30, 2010

Blockhead – The Music Scene

Blockhead - The Music Scene

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The Music Scene is Blockhead’s third album for Ninja Tune and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately; one of the best instrumental albums i’ve heard in a while. In stores now!



  1. Word, this is dope – a little too upbeat for my laid back tastes – a lot of dance floor influence i think, but good none-the-less.

  2. They have their place, but for me it’s getting kinda old mostly hearing only dark moody instrumental albums, the happy here is a nice change.

  3. Avatar Ape Face

    I love this~!!!!!

  4. Avatar Baggylean

    It would be interesting to see how much of this album is actually “upbeat” and “happy.” Any fan of Blockhead knows he’s a champion of the darker, chilled beat style.

    Always a fan of Blockhead.

  5. Yo Baggy, I’d honestly say the entire album is upbeat and sunny… Its really surprising. And word Noyz, the darkness does get a little exhausting after a while.

  6. Yeah you know I was going by memory on that one. There are a couple more sombre tracks, but ultimately the bpm stays up there and there is a lot more of an open air feeling than some of his past stuff. “Music By Cavelight” was actually really really stuffy… Hard to explain.

  7. Avatar Clever Name

    “upbeat & sunny”

    First Song on CD = “It’s Raining Clouds”


  8. Avatar Balzac

    heres some blockhead “throw away” files he recently posted in a blog. fans might enjoy.



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