March 11, 2010

Buck 65 and D-Sisive Are…The Ricardo Christoff Apparatus!

Buck 65 and D-Sisive Are...The Ricardo Christoff Apparatus!

A Message from Buck 65 and D-Sisive:

Hey Young World!

Buck 65 and D-Sisive are teaming up – as The Ricardo Christoff Apparatus – for a project called 100 Story Building. But we need your help to make it work…

We’re looking for stories. Tell us a story about a person you know – a friend, a relative, a love interest, a co-worker, a roommate… The story should be funny, strange, tragic, inspiring, epic or all of the above. We’ll pick a bunch of the best stories and turn them into songs. That’s it! Be sure to tell us the name of the person the story is about, because that will be the title of the song. Instant immortalization!

Buck 65 and D-Sisive have laid it all on the line telling their stories with guts and teeth and blood for years and now they want to tell the story of our fellow man/woman/beast.

Send the greatest story ever told to [email protected] and leave the rest to us.

7 Responses

  1. I like the pairing, not sure about the album concept… have to see how it turns out i guess!

  2. The concept isn’t going to change anything really..Its just them rapping about stories they were presented, as opposed to stories about their life experiences, and/or fabricated stories..?

    Cool idea….this album will be great!