Mar 4, 2008

Buck 65 / Cadence Weapon / Skratch Bastid (Canadian Tour Dates) + “Dang!” Video


Coast to coast Canadian tour featuring Buck 65 and fellow Canadians Cadence Weapon (who’s new album drops today!) and Skratch Bastid. Also check out the brand new video for Buck 65’s new single “Dang!”.

April 10 – Moncton NB – The Empress –
April 11 – St. Johns NL – Club One –
April 12 – Charlottetown PEI – The Mack –
April 13 – Fredericton NB – The Playhouse –
April 18 – Halifax NS – Rebecca Cohn Auditorium – with Symphony Nova Scotia
April 19 – Montreal QC – Le National –
April 21 – Quebec City QC – Cabaret Du Capitole –
April 22 – Ottawa ON – The Bronson Center –
April 23 – Hamilton ON – Westside Concert Theatre
April 25 – Toronto ON – The Danforth Music Hall –
April 26 – London ON – TBD
April 29 – Winnipeg MB – The Garrick – on sale March 10
April 30 – Regina SK – The Exchange – SCES or 306 757 7684
May 1 – Edmonton AB – McDougall United Church –
May 3 – Calgary AB – MacEwan Ballroom –
May 7 – Vancouver BC – Commodore Ballroom –
May 8 – Victoria BC – Alix Goolden Hall –
May 10 – Tofino BC – The Legion – Tofitian and the Common Loaf

Buck 65 – “Dang!” [Video]

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  1. heywoodjablome??

    yeah i tried geting this tour to come to toon, but they(agency) opted for regina (worst hip hop scene in canada)
    i’m gonna try and check it out tho

  2. Chaps

    Yeah no Saskatoon is pretty bullshit! It definitely was not Bastid’s choice and I know Weez ill and Cadence would have been down to kill it. It is really disappointing to say the least.

  3. Timbulb

    I’m stoked, a hip hop show in Calgary that isn’t on a Tuesday or Sunday night.

  4. Regina instead of Saskatoon seems really backwards.

  5. von christoph

    yeh good luck in regina getting more than 15 fans out.

  6. Manaz

    roadtrip to regina? haha.

  7. Manaz

    ps- the video is alright, but I’m glad they picked this song as the single…I know a few peopel said they shouldn’t have picked this song, but I loved this song back when it came out on that little 2 part mixtape dealio on his site 2 years ago or so.

  8. stinson

    well i’ll be 1 of the 15 in attendance!

  9. ira lee

    this my least favorite song on the album.

  10. I agree, my least favourite track on the album as well. Buck always picks bad singles though. “Kennedy Killed The Hat” and “Wicked & Weird” come to mind.

  11. ceej

    I forgot about “Kennedy Killed The Hat” that song/video is the worst.

  12. professor defbeat

    i like this cd alot but i thought this song was annoying. kelley said don’t be so negative so i would like to change my answer to this is my least favorite :). the first song on the cd is really awesome.

  13. von christoph

    ethik has my copy.
    i havent listendd to it for months.

  14. workturkey

    this video is shot very well

  15. nice looking video… buck is always entertaining to watch. i cant stand that chorus…kinda awful. i like paul’s cut underneath the dangy dangs though

    wonder why paul wasnt in the video! maybe he was one of luchadores

  16. Manaz

    I’m not sure why I’m the only one who likes it. I’m embarassed hahahha.

    Anyway..Kennedy Killed the Hat, was awful..I agree..Wicked and Weird is kind of a good song tho.

  17. Fatt Matt

    “wonder why paul wasnt in the video!”

    you should ask him about that…

  18. ““wonder why paul wasnt in the video!”

    you should ask him about that…”

    i will… i never see him even though we both live in monty. im a damm hermit

    sounds suspect though

  19. I liked the video… I especially liked the moustache… the song is not my favourite off that album, though… I think they could have picked a better single.

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