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February 6, 2008

Buck 65 “Dang” Remix Contest

BUCK 65 REMIX Contest

The Grand Prize Winner will have their remix appear as the B-Side on a “Dang” 7-inch vinyl record, meet Buck65, receive a pair of tickets to see him live on his forthcoming Canadian tour, and get a copy of Reason Version 4 digital mixing software. Conest ends March 3rd. For more details and to enter visit dose.ca.

14 Responses

  1. I’d love to hear if anyone can get the file to download properly… I’ve only heard of people having problems so far, but I know many people that are interested…

  2. No dice for me either. I use a Macbook i went to download it and got a message stating it is not compressed or encoded. Couldn’t grip it.

  3. It was working for me before (on my mac), but now it definitely seems fucked. The zip file is indeed blank. You guys should email the people at Dose.ca if you haven’t already.

  4. it worked for me. if anyone really wants the files perhaps we could find a way for me to pass them around?

    – Chris Mazzei

  5. update: I have both: a 180 mb Zip file,
    and 15 small 9 MB Rar files

    of the samples if anyone wants ’em. perhaps I could email them to this website and they could be posted up here?

  6. The download link was not working properly and is currently being fixed… a separate page is being built where you can download each file instead of one massive 15MB file… this should solve it – anyone who still has problems getting the files hit me directly – [email protected]

  7. I got my mix in but I can`t help but wonder why it`s taking so long to announce the winners. Did it get delayed or something?