Mar 3, 2008

Buck 65 – “Dang” Video Preview


Behind the scenes on the video shoot for Buck 65’s “Dang”. Not a song i would have chose as a single, but the video looks like it’ll be cool.


  1. ginsberg

    Not my favorite song, but the video looks like it will be dope. It’s funny, I used to love that Grand Prix shit. I remember being a kid and standing wide eyed at my local arena in New Brunswick…watching sweet daddy take the beating of his life …and then the Cuban Assassian brushing past me on the way to the changing room with blood gushing from his forehead and sweat dancing off his belly. shit was real.

  2. Big ups Buck 65, and big ups Grand Prix Wrestling. Used to go to see it in Yarmouth at the hockey rink. Awesome.

  3. Balzac

    they should have cut that song from the album.

  4. ira lee

    dang and wicked and weird are just so not good buck sixty five songs. I think this album is awesome. I’m disappointed the one track i really don’t like is the single.

  5. angrybones

    every buck fan I know personally who has heard ‘dang’ absolutely hates it

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