Jun 24, 2014

Buck 65 – “Only War” ft. Tiger Rosa


Lyric video from the new Buck 65 album, Neverlove, dropping September 30th on 2LP/CD — pre-order now. Canadian tour dates here.

Gates of Hell (featuring Alias, DJ Mayonnaise and Buddy Peace)
Je T’Aime Mon Amour (featuring Charlotte Savary)
That’s The Way Love Dies (featuring Tiger Rosa)
Love Will Fuck You Up (featuring Francesca Anderson)
Only War (featuring Tiger Rosa)
A Case For Us (featuring Tiger Rosa)
Baby Blanket (featuring John Southworth)
Heart of Stone (featuring Jessica Lee)
Super Pretty Naughty (featuring Francesca Anderson)
She Fades (featuring Sunclef)
Roses In The Rain (featuring Tiger Rosa)
Danger and Play
Superhero In My Heart


One Comment

  1. Ape

    Listen to Buck with the new age high hats!

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