September 17, 2007

Buck 65 – Situation (mp3 + Show & Tell: Episode 1)

Buck 65’s new, Skratch Bastid produced, album Situation is set to drop Oct 30th and in the meantime he’s releasing a series of short video “Show and Tell” episodes, here is the first one:

In addition, a preview of one of the album’s tracks “Shutter Buggin’” (mp3) is now available and the Situation CD/2xLP is also up for pre-order (with a bonus dvd + more) on

Buck 65 - SituationTracklist:
1) Intro
2) 1957
3) Dang
4) Ho-Boys
5) Lipstick
6) Shutter Buggin’
7) Spread ‘Em
8) The Rebel
9) Way Back When
10) Cop Shades
11) The Beatific
12) Mr. Nobody
13) Benz
14) Heatwave
15) The Outskirts
16) White Bread

4 Responses

  1. I’m stoked that his new album is produced by Skratch Bastid. Should be a little more traditional hip hop. Of course I could be totally wrong.

  2. I found the album to be a middle ground mix of his last couple of albums and a more traditional hip hop sound. Buck is certainly rapping more, which is nice, but it’s still in that gruff “old man” voice (although not quite) and sometimes he doesn’t come off as confident and cocky as he used to… Overall, not bad.