January 22, 2008

Buck 65 – “Square Two (Songs 1 & 2)”

Filmed by 319 Heads

Edmonton, (2002)
Buck 65 video from his album Square. Buck did well to put up with a 2 ft mic cord, smoke machine, and the drunk heckler who was going off all night.

15 Responses

  1. that mic cord is ridiculous along with the heckler ha. i’ve seen him twice live but this looks like a wierd venue. but did well with the provided, it coulda been alot worse and id still be lovin it though.buck’s the champ.

  2. this buck65 is easier to get down with than the growly shit on situation. Still a dope album, Bastid’s beats are real choice.

  3. that second track i used to bump alot a few years back
    good shit!!
    heckler was retarded, obviously at the wrong show haha
    thanks for the video

  4. that chord is insanely short… good job rockin it though. this is the buck voice i love.

    jesse, get some old halifax videos up in here!!

  5. buck is a god
    I remember seeing him just when man overboard came out
    at the warehouse there was maybe 20ppl there it was a sick show though
    incredible live show
    this is a dope video

  6. Cool to see buck handled that situation accordingly. It sucks that he was teathered down like that! First time I caught his live set was the square tour in London On. He used a trouble light as a stage prop…it was captivating.

  7. this is

    each to their own
    but I love how he rocks this stuff
    I love hip hop cause it’s all music combined from saul williams to charley pride I’ll sample anything.
    and as for vocals
    I love his twisted ways
    but again each to their own.