June 8, 2010

Buck 65 The Lost Tapes DVD + 20 Odd Years: Volume 1 – Avant EP

Buck 65 The Lost Tapes DVD + 20 Odd Years: Volume 1 - Avant EP

Buck 65’s The Lost Tapes DVD is out now and comes with a new EP, 20 Odd Years: Volume 1 – Avant, which will also be available on vinyl very soon. Buck is planning on releasing a new EP every month between now and October.

(LOOSELY) BASED ON A TRUE STORY – THE LOST TAPES is a one hour film that hinges on the true-life theft of videotapes that were shamelessly stolen from a church during a BUCK 65 show in April of 2008. The film, which features performances, interviews, and skits by BUCK 65, PAUL “SKRATCH BASTID” MURPHY, CADENCE WEAPON, DJ WEEZL and others has been meticulously stitched together by director / editor / animator – Christopher Mills, illustrator – Nicole Aline Legault and editor – Winston Hacking and friends. It’s a Frankenstein monster of an edit that brings together live musical performances from the Situation cross-Canada tour of Spring 2008, BUCK 65’s tangent-filled rants, drawings, romantic adventures, surreal skits, abstract cartoon moments, actual news footage, interpretive dances, moving collages, and a special, previously unreleased extended video for “SHUTTERBUGGIN” – (a tribute / theoretical sequel to the cult movie phenomenon known as “The Beaver Trilogy”). buck65.com

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