August 31, 2008

Buck 65’s CBC Radio Show Starts Sept 2nd

As many people are about to head back to school, Buck 65 is heading back to his old place behind the mic and on the air! Rich Terfry will debut as the host of the Radio 2 Drive on CBC Radio 2, which broadcasts nationally in Canada from 3-6pm (local time) and on the web at

Tune in on Tuesday, September 2 for the first show!

6 Responses

  1. what the heck is gonna play though?

    probably some really obscure old tunes spanning many genres.

    and that might be a good thing

  2. Sounds like he’s gonna focus on singer-songwriters and songcraft, and because he’s including rap in that equation, there are gonna be some long-time Radio 2 listeners that are going to think his definition of “singer-songwriter” is either broad, or way off the mark. Either way, it’s gonna be interesting. Personally, I’m all for it.
    His spot replaces DiscDrive, which was on for 20+ years. Naturally, there was some outcry about the schedule change and you can see for yourself here:
    Classical fans are making alternative listening plans like shipwreck survivors grab the first thing floating.

  3. Rich isn’t picking the music for the show, he’s just a host/personality. I think he has SOME influence, but it seems like it’s more on a personal level than anything official. So don’t blame him when it’s a bunch of contemporary pop and he can’t get them to program as much hip-hop (or very alternative indie music) as you’d like, or as he’d like either.

  4. Sounds like he has some influence. Alot of the music seems like stuff he’d be into. Like a David Lynch soundtrack or something. He has played Sweatshop Union and Sharon Jones among a few other ok songs.