February 1, 2012

Busdriver feat. Aesop Rock – “Superhand’s Mantra (Fuck us all)”

Busdriver feat. Aesop Rock - "Superhand's Mantra (Fuck us all)"

A Loden produced banger available on a limited blue 7-inch as part of the pre-order package for Busdriver’s upcoming Beaus$Eros.

“Songs born out of aggression tend to usually make the final cut over here. This song is no exception. I asked Aesop Rock to join me in a spiraling death plunge into rap’s blackened heart and he happily agreed. This song is the aftermath of that club house agreement.

Unlike any of the songs on Beaus$Eros this song abandons all good taste and musings on matters of the heart. It’s a fiery fuck you to everyone and the only tone that could have been utilized in my first collaborative effort with Mr. Ian Bavitz. It only exists on this tiny disc, so grab it while they exist.” — Busdriver