Feb 10, 2009

Cage “Nothing Left to Say”



  1. Sick Track! Lookin forward to this. El P murdered this beat.

  2. ceej

    So fucking sick!

  3. this is amazing. bit of a long intro. but absolutely amazing raps

  4. Lingo

    loven that.

  5. I like Cage better when he was fat and on drugs

  6. metawon

    yeah illy raps.

  7. jesus

    is there a weathermen album coming out?

  8. “I like Cage better when he was fat and on drugs”


  9. dope beat. pretty good raps but not as dope as old cage

  10. chris plus

    hopefully he doesnt start doing collabs with my bloody valentine or panic at the disco

  11. yeah the intro is kinda blah, but the song is cool and the beat is illll.

    “I like Cage better when he was fat and on drugs”

    hahaha, I thought drugs made people skinny

  12. SKZA

    There’s nothing any more “emo” about songs like this one, or the tracks on Hell’s Winter, than some of his older classics like “Among the Sleep”, “Suicidal Failure”, or “Ballad of Worms”… It’s mostly just a production-style shift…

    I’m psyched to hear this album, I’m digging this track.

  13. dirty was a big fella at the end. R.I.P.

    something is just weird about cage now.

    he’s still sick and i can’t critique.

    it just hard NOT to take such huge image shifts personally.

    ah rap fans. we’re all the same.

  14. Manaz

    ah cage
    my faveski.

    digging it.

  15. Ill be honest. Cage was dope back then. Cage still is dope. His production is not even what throws me off. I like when rappers start fucking with ecletic production like he has. The biggest turn off of Cage now is his change as a human. Watch all his interviews. Hes a giant prick now. He basically laughs at all his old fans and his old music. He turned his back on the people who supported him from day 1 because he woke up one day and didnt like himself. Cage as a person = tool, Cage as a rapper = dope.

  16. I agree, the prick attitude is the worst thing about him.

  17. countturrack

    im sorry but i have to kind of laugh at this. make no mistake i was a huge fan of the old cage. but if i had a bunch of fans who preferred i went back to essentially killing myself for the benefit of their entertainment, i might look down my nose a bit too.

    i mean really, if you were a fan of cage at any point is who’s a “prick” really what youre concerned about with your rap music?…

  18. ^^
    its not necessarily about wanting Cage to do drugs again and get fat and rap about drug induced perversion. It’s more about him being pretentious and dissing his old fans and music in interviews. Sure, it might be hard not to do, with the type retarded opinions people have about him now that he went hipster. But it’s relatively easy to spot someone with an inflated and undue perception of self-importance.

  19. countturrack

    word i see what you mean.

  20. Shane

    The reality of it is, he’s a disturbed guy who I think sometimes has trouble identifying himself, to me thats what makes his music so interesting, it’s an ongoing story of someone loosing their mind and finding it back and forth.

    To be honest I don’t agree with the ego thing. I remember a circa 2005 interview where he was basically just saying at shows he had 15 year kids coming up to him offering him dust and he just had to ask himself what the fuck am I doing.

    Anyway here’s a new interview of him, quite a good one at that, and he also addresses about how he turned his back on his old music.


  21. chris plus

    holy shit that interview is crazy. cage needs some professional help

  22. GorJus

    I understood where he was comin from entirely. Good interview. The track’s dope too.

  23. staas

    “hopefully he doesnt start doing collabs with my bloody valentine or panic at the disco”

    lol,do you know actually who my bloody valentine is? you need to check up on your music history because loveless is one of the greatest albums ever made, there’s probably only a baker’s dozen of hiphop lps that are half as good

    actually, i hope cage does do a collab with my bloody valentine

  24. staas

    guitars have been around more than a 1000 years so i got alot of respect for any group that completely reinvent guitar like mbv did

  25. A collab with My Bloody Valentine would be nuts. Perhaps Chris was thinking of My Chemical Romance?

  26. staas

    maybe bullet for my valentine too lol

  27. chris plus

    i hate fukin emo bands, i cant stand that shit long live metal

  28. staas

    well we aren’t talking about an emo band here so that’s kinda irrelevant lol

    i wish metal would live long, but it’s pretty much dead by now

  29. staas

    actually i think some of the most recent great metal albums are from montreal bands for some reason, like gorguts,voivod and crytptopsy

  30. haahahha cryptopsy… I sampled them a couple years ago.

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