Apr 14, 2008

Canadian Government Shirks Hip-Hop Funding


According to a report from The Canadian Press posted today on The Globe and Mail’s website, only four hip-hop acts received federal grants in 2007. That’s a miniscule number compared to artists of other musical persuasions who won monetary favour from The Canada Council for the Arts.

This revelation is particularly shocking in an age when Canadian hip-hop has grown far beyond the roots planted by pioneers like Maestro Fresh-Wes and Dream Warriors. Think of the hip-hop talent blossoming across the country, from mainstream flirters like Cadence Weapon, Buck 65, K-OS and Kardinal Offishall, to lesser known but viciously potent rising artists like Abdominal, K’naan, Grand Analogue, Sixtoo, DL Incognito and Ghislain Poirier.

Even though three of Canada’s ten bestselling digital tracks in 2007 were hip-hop, according to SoundScan (though none were actually by Canadian artists), and Canadian hip-hop acts continue to gain critical notoriety and commercial success at home and abroad, it seems that this musical form lacks the respect and support afforded other genres by the federal agency committed to encouraging the arts.

Environmentally focused rapper Freeworm was given a grant, solo artists Red 1 and Kid Koala received professional development grants, and Aboriginal group [ed. artist] Eekwol was awarded a grant through the council’s Aboriginal Peoples Music Program.

By Scott A. Gray – Read Full Story Here


  1. Countturrack

    Federally its no big surprise.

    The conservative government has already demonstrated a strong desire to keep any and all federal arts funding within the realm of what they feel is suitable. These bitch ass wanna be republicans certainly arent heads…

  2. max prime

    your always dissing conservative republicans, jesus christ…

  3. IP

    “so the only booth i’m in is not for voting it’s for the next generation so y’all can quote em” – IP

  4. Countturrack

    lol, of course i am. they are enemies of hiphop. just the facts yo…

  5. von christoph

    this was mentioned on mtv live last night.

    strangely enough.

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